Thai Banana

Description: Thai bananas resemble plantains, but the flavor is much sweeter. They should be eaten when the skin is yellow or dark.  This banana is unlike any banana that you will ever eat. It does not go through a ripening room like most bananas that come through the United...
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Banana Stems

Description: Banana fruit grows in hanging clusters and these clusters are known as the banana stem or a “bunch.” It is mostly chopped and soaked in buttermilk before being cooked. Sizes vary but it is usually around 10 inches in most markets. You will find it in various colours...
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Banana Leaves

Description Banana leaves are large with spiked edges and a solid center. Ranging from lime to olive green to dark green, these inedible pliable leaves can measure up to ten feet long and two feet wide. The are often used for wrapping a variety of food mixtures. Season:Year-round. Where...
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Banana Flowers

Description: The banana flower is a large, dark purple-red blossom that grows from the end of a bunch of bananas. Purple buds appear from the heart of the tip of the stem and develop into tubular, white flowers.  The flavour is a little starchy and bitter, and is normally...
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