Thai Banana

Description: Thai bananas resemble plantains, but the flavor is much sweeter. They should be eaten when the skin is yellow or dark.  This banana is unlike any banana that you will ever eat. It does not go through a ripening room like most bananas that come through the United...
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Moringa Leaves

Description: Moringa is commonly called the ‘drumstick tree” or the ‘horseradish tree.’  Moringa is one of the most powerful health-enhancing plants yet known to man. Moringa has more nutrition in the leaf than any other plant yet known. Moringa can be used in a wide variety of dishes, or...
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Mint Leaves

Description: Mint can grow 10 to 120 centimeters tall. The leaves are green and grow crosswise on the stem. The leaves are oblong and egg-shaped. There are several varieties of mint, but all mint contains menthol, which gives mint that characteristic cooling, cleansing feeling. Season March-September. Where It Grows...
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Description: Lychee has a firm and rough skin which is bright pink-red in colour. Lychee is native to China. The fruit grows in bunches of 5 to 30 pieces in trees. The inside consists of a layer of sweet, white flesh, with a texture somewhat similar to that of...
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Kaffir Lime Leaves

Description: The leaves of the kaffir lime tree are two toned. The upper side of the leaves are a glossy deep green while the underside of the leaves are a matte green. The leaves grow in pairs from stem to stem. Sizes can vary from leaf to leaf, though...
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Description: Jackfruit grows on trees and is oval shaped. They have a thick and prickly green skin. When the jackfruit is opened one finds the round fruits contained in ‘pockets’ in a fibrous interior. The flesh is pale yellow and tastes sweet and has a sweet odor. The seeds...
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Curry Leaves

Description: Curry leaves are shiny and dark green in color and have a distinctive aroma and taste to it.  They are extremely popular in various Indian culinary recipes and act as flavor and aroma to vegetables and curries. Season: year-round. Where It Grows The plant is native to India...
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Black Sapote

Description: The Black Sapote is shaped like a tomato.  This fruit has a thin and firm rind and its color is shining dark green with brown specs. The fruit flesh is rich, dark brown colored and custard like and is therefore called the “chocolate pudding” fruit.  Black sapote’s flesh...
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Banana Stems

Description: Banana fruit grows in hanging clusters and these clusters are known as the banana stem or a “bunch.” It is mostly chopped and soaked in buttermilk before being cooked. Sizes vary but it is usually around 10 inches in most markets. You will find it in various colours...
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Banana Leaves

Description Banana leaves are large with spiked edges and a solid center. Ranging from lime to olive green to dark green, these inedible pliable leaves can measure up to ten feet long and two feet wide. The are often used for wrapping a variety of food mixtures. Season:Year-round. Where...
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